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If you are a business owner seeking better strategic alignment with your employees, improved systems for growth, and resources to become a leader in your industry, we can build a strong partnership.


Organizational change and transformation have become a permanent feature of today’s business landscape. We are here to support this culture transformation effort by bringing a practical approach to the people leading these initiatives, one of self-discovery, advanced growth strategies and cultural support.
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Meet Diana

I collaborate with leaders and organizations who want to create an environment where communication is fostered, employees are engaged and goals are met. I pride myself on providing leaders practical and high impact tools that can be applied immediately and obtain measurable results. My perspectives on leadership development and training are evidenced-based and real world; which is why I have combined my experience as a Human Resource Executive with world-recognized Leadership Philosophy Organizations such as the John Maxwell Team and True Colors International. When clients work with me they get more than a consultant service. Instead I create a strategic partnership, of added value and action oriented tools and tactics.

I love staying true and in touch with an industry that speaks to me and where I gained the majority of my experience; therefore I maintain my professional association with the American Society for Health Care Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) and the Healthcare Human Resources Management Association of California (HHRMAC).

• Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker
• Certified True Colors Trainer and Facilitator

Areas of Expertise Include:

Labor and Employee Relations | Organizational Human Resources Leadership | CA Workers Compensation, Risk Management and Mitigation | Regulatory Compliance | Human Resources Strategy & Execution | Policy Development | Talent Acquisition & Retention | Organizational Development | Compensation Practices | Organizational Communication| Strategic Business Partnerships | Benefits Administration

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how we do it
Although each client engagement is specialized and unique, there are some things you can always count on. We will always follow the process of discovery, development, and delivery. We are client-centric, so we keep your goals at the forefront of everything we do.


During the discovery phase, we work with you to identify your organizational strengths and challenges, goals and pain points. We listen intently and analyze your specific needs to determine what range of solutions will work best in your environment.


Next, we take the information from the discovery phase and develop a program designed specifically to achieve your desired outcomes. Suggestions might include assessments, coaching and/or training. We emphasize real time, easily implementable tools that enhance your employees’ skills and abilities, benefitting the entire organization. Since the development phase is often iterative, we remain in contact with you to ensure this training meets your goals.


Our extensive experience helps ensure we deliver a highly interactive experience using an effective mix of facilitation tools. Whatever the setting, from individual coaching sessions, to team trainings or large workshops, our focus is always on converting learning to doing.



She is committed to helping people succeed through building emotional intelligence & communication skills. How you treat the people who work for you & with you is your greatest asset.

- Charlene Hess

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